Where Was I…? is a podcast about primary caregivers who stop working outside of the home to care for their children full-time, and then wish to return to work or seek to otherwise reestablish their identity when their youngest begins school.

Our aim is to add to the conversation that’s been so thoughtfully created by Anne-Marie Slaughter and others around the issues of caregiving, equality, and the value (or devaluing) of the services provided by primary parents.

Episode Four

Career Coach Michelle Friedman

Where was I podcast, Michelle Friedman

In this episode of “Where Was I…?” career coach Michelle Friedman talks about various exercises that can help you decide on a direction as you take the first steps toward a return to work outside of the home. She also introduces us to one of my new favorite phrases: “thought partner.”


Amy Cuddy on Imposter Syndrome

Amy cuddy imposter syndrome, where was I podcast
In this episode, Amy Cuddy talks to us about how to conquer impostor syndrome (even temporarily) by identifying your core values. This is not only relevant and important information but guidance and insight for lead parents who are trying to figure out, “what’s next?” now that your children have entered school. Take a listen and share a story of your own experience with impostor syndrome on our Facebook page.



Anne-Marie Slaughter : The Devalution Of Caregiving – And Caregivers

Anne Marie Slaughter, where was I
When we first thought about producing this podcast, we wrote one name on a piece of paper and said to each other, “Just imagine if we could talk to her.” That name was Anne-Marie Slaughter.

In this episode, Ms. Slaughter reminds us that, even “from a (public) policy point of view, there really isn’t anything more important that we do” than caring for our children. “In a way,” she says, “society is free-riding off the efforts” of lead parents. “The very least we can do is provide the social respect and prestige.”

Episode one

The First Day Of School

Mom and son walking to school hand-in-hand
For our first episode, we spoke with two women who left a full-time job to care for their young children. Lauren Pricer was an Assistant Vice President at an asset management firm. Wendy Hillmuth was a family law attorney. Lauren and Wendy take us through their experience of the day their youngest child started kindergarten and talk about some pretty profound emotions that we believe will resonate deeply with every primary parent listening.


Stand tuned for more episodes in the coming weeks!