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Our mission is to inspire parents and help them thrive by sharing thoughtful, funny, and compelling stories every day. We’re looking for new perspectives from writers like you.

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Choosing A Topic

Our Themes offers a positive, informed, and sometimes irreverent perspective on parenthood, and more importantly, life as a parent. The main themes that drive the site are:

  • The science of parenting – Researched-backed parenting advice and information
  • The art of parenting – Instilling resilience, self-reliance, and curiosity in kids.
  • Nature  – The importance of nature for kids, and how to enjoy it with them.
  • Humor – Parenthood is ridiculous. Let’s laugh.
  • Powerful personal narrative – Raw emotion and experience-based insights.
  • Parents as people – All the roads that got you here, and what keeps you going.
  • Relationships – In-laws, romance, the extended family, siblings.

If you have a great idea or an amazing article that doesn’t fit with these themes but you think will fit on this site, let us know. It could work.

What We Publish


  • Research and data-driven articles that relate to parenthood.
  • Personal essays – your story as a parent – honest, even raw personal narratives.
  • Humor pieces, rants, and raves.
  • Parenting tips and life hacks.
  • Visual content – comics, illustrations, and photography.
  • Original reporting.
  • Cultural criticism.
  • Your most surprising interest, and how it changed when you became a parent.

Above all, we want you to write about the topics that you love. We want to know what you’re nerdy about — and how it relates to your life as a parent.


What We Don’t Publish

Snark. Complaints without insight. Fiction.


Tips For Writing Shareable Content

In our experience, people are most likely to share writing that:

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