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For new or expecting parents in cold-weather climates, this creative product will both keep you warm and save money on expensive coats!

Posted by on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bridge The Bump – Pregnancy and Babywearing Coat Extender

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If you live in a cold winter climate and you have – or are about to have – a baby, Bridge the Bump is for you. This coat extender zips into any coat and provides the extra width you need for your maternity bump. Once baby is out in the world, flip the Bridge the Bump upside down for a pocket of warmth and wind-protection while you wear the little one around.

Overall Rating: 5


Innovation Rating: 5

Bridge The Bump is adaptable. It successfully matches zipper and color options for nearly every winter coat brand on the market. It features an adjustable belt to position your BTB for ideal style and fit and provides up to an additional 12 inches of width.

Usability Rating: 5

It looks great and works without fuss. You keep your pregnant belly or new baby warm through the cold winter months.

Price Rating: 5


No need to purchase a new maternity winter coat or infant/baby snowsuit when you have Bridge The Bump. At $85, this is a smart purchase with immediate impact.